love a brother radio is an online stream for an international collective of contributors playing house adjacent eclectic genres and sounds that inspire us to live, love or act. We are dedicated to a no drama home for tunes, social conscious and fun.

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The Collective

brother soul

brother soul

Curator, DJ. Philly/UK. House, Soulful, Eclectic. Catch The Weekend Workout Live Fridays 2000 UTC.
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amy louise


Operations, DJ. Scotland. Eclectic. Selector for Pick and Mix with Brother Soul Live Tuesdays 2200 UTC.
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divine ellison

divine ellison

DJ. The Bronx. House. Music is Love Entertainment Productions. Catch the Greasy Spoon live on our Friday Night Live block.


DJ. NYC. House. Catch DJ Kwest with Willy Beatz live Wednesdays 2000 UTC.

eddie bee

DJ. Scotland. Classics, 80s, House,Soul. Catch the Sunday Sizzler live on LABR Sundays 1800 UTC.

derek grisby

Promotion. Chicago. Long time friend of the station on the promo assist.

mark mendoza

DJ. Catch 280 West Radio on LABR.

ken walker

DJ. Australia. Disco, Nu Disco, Soul. Catch Work It with Ken Walker on LABR Tuesdays 2100 UTC.

the lounge with screwfacemuzik

dj screwface

DJ. California. The Lounge with Screwface. Thursdays 2200 UTC.

brack beats logo

dj emmet o'c

DJ. Ireland. Brack Beats. Sundays 2300 UTC.

dj diginyah logo

dj diginyah

DJ. NJ. diginyah mind & soul. LIVE house mixes Fridays 0100 UTC.

dr hitchcock

dr hitchcock

DJ. Melbourne,Ōtautahi . the beat 3055 . LIVE house, disco and techno Thursdays 0000 UTC.
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1800-2100 - sunday sizzler live with eddie bee (sco)
2100-2300 - sunday night soul live with brother soul (eng)
2300-0100 - brack beats with dj emmet o'c (ire)

2100-2200 - work it ft ken walker
2200-0000 - pick n mix with dj upnorth and brother soul

1800-2000 - the midweek workday chill ft brother soul - a relaxed free form selector show with your man brother soul on the mic
2000-2200 - willy beatz live with dj kwest (brooklyn) - house - dance - remixes
2200-0000 - from spain with love live with dj dubsativa
0000-0100 - the beat 3055 with live with dr hitchcock (melbourne, Ōtautahi) - house, disco and techno

0100-0300 diginyah mind & soul ft dj diginyah - live house mix from east orange nj
2200-0000 FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE - the weekend workout ft brother soul - soulful house and dance mix show live from the UK
0000-0200 FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE - the greasy spoon ft divine ellison - soulful house live form NYC