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// 2019 the LABR collective is growing. As such we are simplifying the web presence and concentrating on the programming to bring even more fresh, no drama, no hassle, no ego, non-monetised, underground, soulful and eclectic content. New schedule is posted below with more awesome fresh collaborators coming... //

// love a brother radio is a collective, non-commercial, non-corporate, non-monetised stream for house, adjacent eclectic genres and sounds that inspire us to live, love or act. We are dedicated to a no drama home for tunes, social conscious and fun. //

//SCHEDULE [in your browser time]

Veteran soulful house proponent your man Brother Soul spins LIVE on LABR Wednesdays 15.00 GMT for the Midweek Workday and Fridays 20.00 GMT for the Weekend Workout.

We feature a LABR collective dj every day of the week at 10am and 10pm GMT, each with new shows weekly.

VICE with pinkie tuscadeero - house music
Shamika Sanders-Sykes (aka Pinkie Tuscadero) is a DJ who has always carried a white-hot passion for music. As a skilled and accomplished writer and DJ she will bring an intelligent, soulful and eclectic vibe to the LABR collective.

Soundz of Bass with Steve Bass - house music
A house music veteran who has contributed to several radio stations over the years. He is consitent in his delivery with special attention to blending the old and the new with quality.

willy beatz with dj kwest - house music
always on a mission for new beats and the next music fix… From rock to hip-hop to house, DJ Kwest has been known to play almost anything and everything. He says education outside of music made him a better DJ and he has payed it forward as a tutor and mentor. An obvious kindred spirit for LABR.

//THURSDAY - your boy dj knobby knees
insert set name here with dj knobby knees - we ain't quite sure?
Enjoy infinite world’s first trainwreck mixes and mashups as your boy gets on some weird ass thread. Come get weird with your boy knobby, with his arthritic mouse finger.

The Greasy Spoon - house music
Hailing from NYC, Divine is an experienced record hunter. He's been in the game for a minute with his long running and respected Greasy Spoon show and we welcome him as a regular on LABR.

The [SoLeTiCkLeR] Show with Dion Seasar - house music
A skilled and respected remixer and beat builder, reppin Houston, Dion aka Soletickler has collaborated on a long running and succesful party in an area where house music is not the norm.

Sessions by Quiet Chaos - house music
A lover of music, born and raised and in a galaxy far, far away….The End.

join us in riot.im at #labr:matrix.org or room search LABR on matrix
toots at @labr@mastodon.xyz
digital carrier pigeon via labr at tutanota dot de

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