it’s your boy knobby

your boy knobby is busy digital diving to bring you:

come dine with me
1800 GMT Mondays and Thursdays.
Your boy DJ Knobby Knees scours the digital crates for the most tolerable “dinner house”. Smooth, funky, synthy and maybe right on the edge of pop but with an obscure angle. This is music ideal to dine to. Maybe a little chair dancing. Maybe a little dessert if you know what I’m sayin…come dine with your boy knobby

the hipster dumpster
2000 GMT Tuesdays and Saturdays.
Your boy DJ Knobby Knees skirts dangerously close to the pop world where the trustafarian hipsters bathe in reverb to bring you a mix to nod your head, scratch your head, maybe lose your head. Keeping it recent, synth heavy and almost definitely house adjacent…come dive with your boy knobby

insert set name here
2200 GMT Saturdays.
Dj Knobby does mystery live sets whenever he damn well pleases and your man Brother Soul presses record on his My First Sony Cassette deck so you can enjoy infinite world’s first trainwreck mixes and mashups as your boy DJ Knobby Knees gets on some weird ass thread. Threads may include songs with the word “hate”, obscure 90s r n b, disbanded kpop acts, big band, wilson philips, death metal, who knows…come get weird with your boy knobby